Tania Mundell is a ceramic artist based in Cape
Town and has been working with clay for over 10
years. What started out as hobby has turned into a
full time exploration of ceramic art. Trained under
Lorette Espi in Noordhoek, Tania has developed her
own style of functional and decorative pieces
finished in the demanding and exciting Raku
process. Working in clay and Raku builds a certain
fatalism, where expectation of disaster is the norm
heightening the feeling of excitement and
satisfaction when a piece of beauty is produced.

As a member of Ceramics South Africa, her work
has been accepted for both Regional (2017) and
National exhibitions (2018).

Tania enjoys the imperfect individuality of hand
built, sculpted one off pieces. Most of Tania’s work
is finished in the demanding Raku process, the
firing of which is done at her smallholding in the
Overberg. Each piece is absolutely unique and
where possible, Raku vases are made functional by
sealing them inside.
Clay represents timelessness. If you don’t break it, it
will last for hundreds if not thousands of years.

What is the Raku process?

Raku firing is an ancient Japanese ceramics technique that has been used for centuries. The process begins when work is removed from the kiln at glowing red hot and placed in a material that would be able to catch fire, such as sawdust, newspaper or horse hair. The reason for this is to starve the pot of oxygen, which gives the glaze a wonderful variety of colours. This is a very exciting technique, as there are so many different variables for the results.